2019 Parade Registration Information

INSTRUCTIONS: It’s now easier to join in the festivities. The parade application is now online. Pay the registration fee and complete the form in just a few simple steps! Note that the information obtained in the Entry Information section on the application will be provided to local media organizations covering the parade. Please direct questions regarding parade application and rules to parade@july4th.net or call 217.531.3777

DEADLINE: The parade line-up is generally determined by the postmark date on the entry, with exception to the first 15-20 units that are reserved for dignitaries, Veteran groups, etc. Parade line-up and staging assignments will be sent out at the end of June. No line-up requests will be accepted. Late entries postmarked after June 25, 2019 will be subject to additional entry fees and placed toward the end of the line-up. The fee must be included with the application. The Parade Chair has the sole discretion of accepting entries after June 25, 2019. 

FEES: Online application requires payment via credit or debit card. If mailing in application, make checks payable to: Champaign County Freedom Celebration and include late fee, if applicable. Returned checks will be subject to a $20.00 returned check fee. In Subject line Write Parade Fee.


Business & For-Profit Organizations - $50.00 before June 25th, $100.00 after.

Non-For-Profit Organizations - $25.00  before June 25th,  $50.00 after.

Individual Entry - $20.00 before June 25th, $40.00 after.

Parade Registration: